Child Psychologists Offering Facebook Counseling To Parents Of ‘Fortnite’-Obsessed Kids!

Has your child developed an unhealthy relationship with Fortnite? Has this relationship hindered their motivation to do literally anything else?

Don’t worry, child psychologists are here to help — on Facebook!

As the new school year goes underway, dozens of support groups have popped up on social media helping parents transition their children from a playing the survival game to studying, doing homework, and surviving irl, basically.

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One of these groups, Fortnite-iParent 101, educates parents about the game itself and helps them oversee their child’s relationship with it.

Child psychologist Dr. Adam Pletter told ABC News he started the group “to give parents a safe place to come in and talk without judgment,” adding that navigating Fortnite can be unfamiliar for un-savvy parents who are raising “digital natives.”

He explained:

“Many parents in this generation are referred to as ‘digital immigrants’ — we did not grow up with the internet. Our kids are referred to as ‘digital natives,’ they grew up with it, they don’t think anything is wrong about it.”

So, how does a digital immigrant crack down on a digital native’s play time?

Pletter’s group aims to provide parents with “very specific tips” — like staying consistent with one’s rules and maintaining communication. Some parents even said playing the game with the child helps them understand their kid’s addiction.

Whether or not these tips actually pry kids away from TV screens, it’s great to hear parents now have a reliable resource to help them try.

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