Chloe Ferry opens up about wedding and baby plans with Sam Gowland

‘I’m going to have kids with Sam, 100 per cent,’ says Chloe, 22. ‘There will be kids soon,

‘Sam is the one I want to spend the rest of my life with. We want three kids called Gareth, Bob and Inkin.’

Blimey, these two really have thought ahead!

Despite clearly being keen to start a family, Chloe has firmly ruled out the idea that she might already be with child after a bit of a misunderstanding on social media.

‘I can tell you now, I’m not pregnant,’ the reality star tells OK! magazine. ‘I tweeted to say I was really happy as I’d had the best news, which you’ll find out really soon, and everyone put two and two together.

‘I’m on the [contraceptive] injection, so I can’t get pregnant.’

Meanwhile Chloe is waiting for Sam, 22, to propose to her – with Sam admitting she asks him ‘every single day’ when he’s going to pop the question – and hopes it will be a spectacular moment.

‘Getting proposed to is a massive thing in a girl’s life and I wouldn’t want to know that he was going to propose,’ the Newcastle lass says, whilst Sam confesses: ‘It will be a good one. I know exactly how I’m going to propose to Chloe.’

Eek, exciting!

And fortunately for Sam, Chloe isn’t expecting him to splash out on a mega rock.

‘I’d be happy with a Primark ring,’ she admits.

A girl after our own hearts!

This all comes after Sam revealed how happy he was to have Chloe back home following her recent nose and breast surgery – and it sounds like he’s impressed with the results too.

‘He loves them,’ Chloe says of Sam’s reaction to her new boobs. ‘Last night I took off my bra and showed him.

‘Obviously you’re not allowed to touch them for a while and I woke up three times and his hand was just on my boob!’

Ooh-er. We’re expecting lots of similarly cheeky antics from these two when the new series of Geordie Shore hits our screens on Tuesday 15 May at 10pm on MTV.

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