Chris Pratt And Katherine Schwarzenegger Might Be Very Close To Getting Engaged

Just one year and one month after announcing his marriage to Anna Faris was as much a thing of the past as his lumpy Andy Dwyer body, Chris Pratt might be ready to get married again. And his next wife might be Katherine Schwarzenegger. Papa Arnold, better get your biceps sized for a tuxedo now; you don’t want to bust a seam while offering your arm to your little girl right before you walk down the aisle.

39-year-old Chris and 28-year-old Katherine have been dating for about three months now, and they’ve been rumored to be “getting serious.” According to a source who spoke with People, they’re so serious, they could be getting engaged “sooner rather than later.” This possible engagement doesn’t have “future mistake” stamped all over it, because everyone’s families have met each other, and everyone approves. The source says:

“They’re such a great fit together. It’s only been a few months but Chris and Katherine are both very serious about the relationship and their friends wouldn’t be surprised if they got engaged sooner rather than later. Katherine has spent time with Chris’ family and they all love her too. She fits in really well with them and vice versa.”

The source adds that Katherine has also bonded with Chris’ 6-year-old son Jack. And her mom clearly likes Chris, since she’s the one who allegedly set the two of them up in the first place.This would be Chris’ second wedding and Katherine’s first.

The only problem I can see will be who will marry them. Will Katherine go with family tradition and pick a Catholic priest, or will Chris win out and the ceremony will be performed inside Hillsong Church by Buff Pastor Carl. If they go with the second, then I hope Katherine is also prepared to hear Justin Bieber awkwardly sing a rendition of Ave Maria. I’m pretty sure Justin Bieber comes as part of the Hillsong wedding package.

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