Cigarette smoking David Ginola gets McDonalds takeaway two years after heart op

From heart attack to a monster Mac?

Soccer legend David Ginola could be going from netbuster to gutbuster as he takes delivery of a McDonald’s takeaway.

The former Spurs and Newcastle winger beamed at his London apartment
as he patted a delivery rider on the arm.

Ginola used to play for Paris St Germain, so presumably he would have had French fries too.

And if that doesn’t ring a few alarm bells after his quadruple heart bypass two years ago, maybe the ciggie lurking in his fingers will.

To be fair, Ginola – who has just had a baby girl with model girlfriend Maeva Denat, 28 – looked pretty darn fit at 51.

But his nosh will horrify health foodies who blasted McDonald’s latest Great Tastes of America range.

The Tennessee Stack, Tex Mex, Chicago Stack and New York Stack have 619 to 780 calories.

Tam Fry, of the National Obesity Forum, fumed: “McDonald’s irresponsibility is mindblowing.”

McDonald’s does offer healthier options… so maybe David had a salad.

The burger giant said Great Tastes of America ends on June 26 and 90 per cent of its standard menu is under 500 calories.

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