Claire Foy Teams Up With Benedict Cumberbatch to Star & Produce ‘Migrations’ Movie Adaption

Claire Foy will be working with Benedict Cumberbatch on her next movie, based on the book “Migrations” by Charlotte McConaghy.

Both the 36-year-old Crown star and Benedict will produce the film, and Claire will also star in the adaption, The Hollywood Reporter announced.

The book is described as “both an intimate and epic story of a woman’s search for redemption in a world facing a slow death by climate change.”

The story centers on a woman named Franny Stone who is tracking what may be the final migration of Arctic terns. When she hustles her way onto a small vessel of misfit fishermen and embarks on an odyssey through stormy seas, her dark past of love, loss, crime and motherhood unfolds in a ode to the wild places in and around us, and the extreme lengths one will go to for the people they love.

“Charlotte has created an utterly unique and beautiful story with a compelling and fascinating woman at its heart,” Claire shared in a statement. “I couldn’t be more honoured or excited to help bring this truly remarkable novel to the screen.”

Just recently, it was announced that Claire will star with James McAvoy in a film that’s entirely improved. Get all the details here…

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