Clare Uchima: 5 Things About Harry Styles’ Keyboardist Who Fans Are Pissed At

Harry Styles fans are livid with his keyboardist, Clare Uchima, for continuing to defend a man charged with rape on social media. Here’s everything to know.

Clare Uchima has jumped to her friend, Oritse Williams’, defense after her was charged with rape in September. The 35-year-old, who played in Harry Styles’ band on his last tour, has been slammed for “victim-blaming” after claiming Oritse’s accuser is “selling a fake story” to make “money.” Harry’s fans are not happy about Clare’s stance on this subject, and have taken to social media to slam her for it. They’re also begging Harry to part ways with Clare. Here’s everything to know about her:

1. She has a long history of music. Clare did most of her schooling in Scotland, then attended the University of London, where she studied music. After graduating, she became a vocal coach, piano teacher and choir director. However, these were all side jobs as she pursued her career of becoming a musician herself. At the start of her career, she went by “Clara Belle” on YouTube, and amassed a decent following, often praised for her unique style.

2. She had a variety of musical influences. Clare was raised by a Scottish mother and Japanese father. On her dad’s side, her grandparents helped her fall in love with traditional music from their country, while her father helped her develop a love of jazz. Meanwhile, her mother inspired her to listen to a lot of 60s/70s Western Folk Rock music.

3. What does she do in Harry’s band? Clare serves as the keyboardist in Harry Styles’ live band, while also providing backup vocals.

4. She is credited with appearing in several of Harry’s videos. For her appearances in some of Harry’s live videos, Clare has been given credits on She appeared in shorts like Harry Styles: Behind the Album, Harry Styles: Live in Manchester, Harry Styles: BBC Radio 1 Live Lounge and more.

5. She has recorded original songs. Clare’s best-known solo song is called “Just A Word.” Despite her career with Harry’s band, she still works on her own music in her spare time.

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