Cole Sprouse & King Princess Once Joined a Bar Fight Together

King Princess (whose real name is Mikaela Straus) strikes a pose on the cover of V Magazine‘s new Discovery Issue, on newsstands January 10.

The 20-year-old “1950″ singer – the first artist to be signed to Mark Ronson‘s label – was interviewed by Cole Sprouse for the issue. Here’s what they had to share:

Cole on meeting King Princess: “I first met Mikaela at the Chateau Marmont, amid a riptide of Saturday-night-in-Hollywood clichés. We became fast friends. On a recent phone call, we discussed everything from the connection between sadness and creativity to that one time we joined in a bar fight (for the record, she has no regrets). We also talked about details and emotions we both felt best to keep off the record; as Mikaela notes, the industry can breed cynicism and loneliness, but with that comes a great bulls–t-radar, and we both know to keep the honest ones close. Perhaps it’s this mutual honesty that drew us together in the first place. Perhaps it’s the A.D.D. Or maybe it’s best not to question camaraderie when it arrives.”

King Princess on meeting Cole: [We are] fully brothers. We got in a bar fight the first time we truly went out together. I was just as enthusiastic about [it] as you. I was going for it.”

King Princess on her goals: “I mean, ideally, I would love to become a big ol’ gay pop-star, kind of like Freddie Mercury. But as far as my happiness, I really just want to make art with my friends forever. The careers that we’re in are lonely. They’re lonely and can be empty. … I don’t want to be an empty person. I see so many people that are famous and successful or however you quantify those things, but they don’t have love or people. And that scares me more than anything. Do you ever feel like that?”

Cole: “Of course. I mean, I have an identical twin, which I think helped, for many years, with the loneliness that’s coupled with young stardom and the success that blinds people in that position.”

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Also pictured inside: Charlotte Lawrence and Kelsey Lu‘s covers.

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