Cory Booker Thinks His Love Affair With Rosario Dawson Will "Last Forever"

Goober-in-Chief hopeful Cory Booker is doubling down again on his wild, romantic tale of The Senator and The Movie star, starring himself and Rosario Dawson. Page Six reports that Cory still believes in true love and democracy like a naive child who doesn’t bat an eye at thought of a fairy stealing their teeth in the night. In a recent interview, Cory told Good Day New York that he hopes his and Rosario’s love will “last forever”. I mean, I get his need to project a capacity for optimism as a presidential candidate, but this is just getting silly now.

According to Page Six:

“She and I are not trying to put this through a political lens. We’re just two people in love trying to build a great relationship every single day.”

He added, “Because I’ll tell you what — in my best case scenario, I get elected to president, I serve two terms. That’s just 10 years . . . nine years of my life. What I’m trying to create with Rosario is something that’ll last forever.”

That’s great and all but I’m going to need to see some proof of this endless love. Rosario wasn’t even at his hometown presidential kick-off event. As far as we know, Cory and Rosario haven’t even made it past first base. And other than confirming they were dating last month with tepid “he’s an amazing human being… so far so wonderful”, Rosario hasn’t even piped in on if she’s going to see Star Wars with him, let alone actually endorse him for President.

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