Cory Wharton Is Back With Ex Girlfriend Taylor Selfridge And Fans Are SHOOK!

Trouble in paradise! 

Well at least for all the Teen Mom OG fans who are not happy with Cory Wharton’s new relationship status. 

The reality star confirmed early this week that he is back with his ex-girlfriend and former season 1 Ex On The Beach lover Taylor Selfridge.

Meaning Cory is moving on from his baby mama, Cheyenne Floyd. And viewers are shook. 

Cory and Taylor dated briefly after the show wrapped. And it’s not like everyone hates her…but no one loves her. 

Fans who were hoping that Cory and Cheyenne would reunite expressed their frustration while Cory was on “baecation” with Taylor in Mexico. 

He responded to the hate in a series of Instagram live videos:

“Cheyenne’s a great person, a fabulous mother, and I’ll always have some love for Cheyenne but I’m not IN love with Cheyenne,” Cory said during one of the videos according to The Ashley’s Reality Roundup

“I have to do what I have to do and Taylor is the person who makes me happy. I’m sorry to disappoint some of y’all…if Y’all really want to see me happy, you’ll support me no matter what.”

Before Taylor’s appearance on MTV’s Ex On The Beach, you may remember Taylor from Season 5 of Are You The One? – infamously known as the girl who took home the $1 million prize. 

Taylor also appeared on season 6 of Are You The One? as the ex-girlfriend of contestant Joe Torgeson. 

Her terrible reputation developed when she began terrorizing every one of Joe’s potential perfect matches, she was also outed for appearing on the past season while still in a relationship with Joe. 

Defeating the whole purpose of the show — which is to find “true” love. 

She’s also known for spitting on another one of Cory’s exes, Alicia Lavida, during an episode of Ex On The Beach.

Cory admits that his new GF is “the most hated person on MTV, but she handles that s**t.”

He then discussed his main focus, which is on his adorable daughter, Ryder. 

“Why are y’all so mad? Listen, at the end of the day, Cheyenne’s gonna be with who she wants to be with, I’m going to be with who I want to be with,” he shared on social media. 

“We’re still going to do the co-parenting thing with Ryder, so that’s that.”

Cory told fans that Cheyenne is also in a new relationship and he’s “glad she’s happy.”

“I give you the right to judge me off of TV…but at the end of the day, I’m not a dummy,” he continued.

“I wish Cheyenne and her man all the happiness in the world. I am so happy she is happy.”

“The worst feeling in the world was when I was talking to Taylor and Cheyenne wasn’t really talking to anyone. I didn’t enjoy that. She’s with someone new and she’s happy.”

Cory added that Taylor and Cheyenne are not friends, but they are “civil.”

And he also noted that Taylor is the one woman he has taken around Ryder. 

Cheyenne later addressed the drama herself.

“Everybody can calm down,” she said. 

“Cory is still Ryder’s dad. Cory and I are friends, we don’t hate each other, we date other people, it’s OK.”

“If you’re happy that’s all that matters,” she concluded. 

Cory, of course, didn’t miss his chance to tease the next season of Teen Mom OG promising his followers “we’ve got some s**t coming.” 

TMOG loyals are hoping all of this nonsense will stop and that Cheyenne and Cory will just get together already! 

And create more attractive babies. 

Cory Wharton Unveils New Girlfriend, Gets Slammed by Teen Mom Fans

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