Courteney Cox Applauds Justin Theroux Instagram Post

Has Courteney Cox betrayed her ‘BFF’ Jennifer Aniston.

The actress applauded her ex-husband Justin Theroux‘s latest Instagram post about his beloved rescue dog Kuma.

This despite the fact that he was recently linked with much younger model, Brooks Nadar, and did not attend

Aniston’s recent 50th birthday party.

The dog lover praised Kuma after posting a photograph of them walking in New York City where he now resides.


He wrote: ? BREAKING: ?
Young Supermodel KUMA THEROUX lands HER FIRST COVER at the age of just THREE w/@noblemanmagazine!!! Too young to model? The enigmatic canine FINALLY breaks her silence on: Pet adoption, no-kill shelters and her DEVASTATING, CRIPPLING FEAR of SKATEBOARDS. “It’s weird to see people float sideways. It makes me want to murder the four round parts… Also the wood part, the part that makes them float sideways.” PLUS: Her on-again, DEFINITELY STILL ON relationship with the man she calls “Papi”. “He just takes care of me… he’s the one man who deals with all of my shit…. like… Literally. He picks up my shit. And I appreciate that in a man.”

And the message seemed to be well received by Cox as she applauded and ‘liked’ his post. reported recently how Theroux, 47, was getting close to his co-star Ilana Glazer.

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