Cynthia Nixon Reacts to T.I. Gubernatorial Support

The ‘Sex and the City’ actress earned a vote from the ‘Live Your Life’ rapper to become the next Governor of New York after stating her stance on marijuana legislation.

T.I. is supporting Cynthia Nixon in her bid to become the next Governor of New York.

The former “Sex and the City” actress has been campaigning to replace incumbent governor Andrew Cuomo in recent months, and they will face off at the Democratic Primary in the state on Thursday, September 13.

She has earned herself an unlikely supporter in the form of rapper T.I., who took to Twitter to share a video about her stance on marijuana legalisation and declare that he would vote for her if he could.

“I have no idea who this brilliant lady is…But she’s invited to my next bbq/family gathering and if she’s running for anything…ANYTHING I SAY..She’s got my vote!!!” T.I. tweeted on Monday evening. “Right on to the Righteous Decent White People out there,using their privilege to make a difference!!!#USorELSE.”

The 52-year-old shared his tweet and introduced herself, writing, “Thanks for the support, @Tip! BTW: My name is Cynthia, and I am going to be the next Governor of New York. Please encourage your friends out here in the Empire State to vote this Thursday, 9/13!”

The “Live Your Life” star, real name Clifford Harris, is unable to vote in the primary because he lives in Atlanta, Georgia.

In the video T.I. shared, taken from a gubernatorial debate, Cynthia can be seen talking about why marijuana should be legalised, saying it is a “multi-billion dollar industry” as well as a “racial justice issue” as marijuana is used roughly the same across all racial groups, yet 80 per cent of arrests were African-American or Latino people.

“What I would say is that effectively marijuana in New York State has been legal for white people for a long time, and it’s time to make it legal for everybody else,” she concluded.

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