Cynthia Nixon Thanks Supporters After Losing Bid for New York Governor

Cynthia Nixon thanked her supporters after she was defeated by Governor Andrew Cuomo in the New York Primary.

“While the result tonight wasn’t what we had hoped for, I’m not discouraged. I’m inspired. I hope you are too. We have fundamentally changed the political landscape in this state,” the 52-year-old former Sex and the City star began in a series of tweets after the polls closed on Thursday, September 13. “This isn’t just a symbolic victory. This campaign forced the Governor to make concrete commitments that will change the lives of people across this state.”

“As progressives and New Yorkers, we have to hold the governor accountable for the commitments he’s made over the last 6 months,” Nixon, who announced her decision to run in March, continued. “But these are real victories. Some people have called this #TheCynthiaEffect. I call it what happens when we hold our leaders accountable.”

After calling out Cuomo to hold him “accountable for the commitments he’s made” during the race, Nixon concluded: “Thank you all for believing and fighting and leaving it all on the field. We started something here in New York, and it doesn’t end today. This is just the beginning. And I know that together, we will win this fight.”

Nixon’s loss comes after multiple celebrities sent their support for the actress’ campaign. Debra Messing was one of the first stars to stand by Nixon following the results.

“Congratulations Cynthia! You have forced Cuomo to do what he should have done years ago,” the Will & Grace star tweeted on Thursday evening. “You have increased the quality of New Yorkers lives, and this is just the beginning. You are a Force of Nature. You had my vote and will again no matter what you choose to pursue.”

Other celebs including Nixon’s former SATC costar Sarah Jessica Parker, Cardi B and Amy Schumer encouraged New Yorkers to cast their vote for Nixon earlier in the day on Thursday.

“One of the best feelings in the world. Very proud to see my dear friend Cynthia Nixon’s name on the ballot,” Parker captioned a photo of her voting sticker on Instagram. Polls open here in the great state of NY til 9p. X, SJ.”

Cardi shared a picture of Nixon and Lieutenant governor Jumaane Williams with the caption: “Polls close around 8PM .NEW YORKERS VOTE NOW !!!!!! #cynthia#jumaane.”

“We voted. And we voted for @cynthiaenixon couldn’t help it,” Schumer wrote alongside a selfie of herself walking her dog wearing her voting sticker. “And for @zephyrteachout and @jumaane.williamsvoted with my heart ? thanks to the women who took their time to talk to me about it. When someone disagrees with you be patient and have a conversation. It’s most productive.”

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