DaBaby Sued for Punching Property Owner Trying to Stop Unauthorized Music Video Filming

A man named Gary Pagar claims that the rapper attacked him after he tried to shut down a music video shoot at his rental property, violating the terms of the property that prohibits commercial use.

AceShowbiz -The filming for DaBaby‘s music video filming was interrupted. It was reported that the “ROCKSTAR” rapper got into a physical altercation with the owner of the property in in Runyon Canyon, California, where he shot the music video without proper permission.

Variety reported on Tuesday, February 23 that a man named Gary Pagar filed a lawsuit against the rapper on Monday. He claimed that the North Carolina rapper punched him in the mouth, knocking a tooth out, during an altercation that took place back in December.

Pagar detailed that the rapper allegedly attacked him after he tried to shut down a music video shoot at his rental property. Filming music video was allegedly not permitted because the terms of the property prohibit commercial use.

In the lawsuit, Pagar also noted that the filming involved too many people which meant that he violated the terms of the lease. Pagar said DaBaby agreed to the conditions of only having 12 people at his property due to COVID-19 regulations, but he found out that the hip-hop star brought around 40 people in.

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He claimed that when he tried to stop the filming, he was knocked to the ground by an unknown person. DaBaby then allegedly got out of a car to chase him back into the home and warn him not to call the authorities. That was when the “Billion Dollar Baby” artist reportedly assaulted Pagar, leaving him with a bloodied mouth and missing tooth.

“Mr. Kirk appears to think he’s a real tough guy,” the lawsuit stated, referring to the musician whose real name is Jonathan Lyndale Kirk. “Mr. Kirk is wrong.”

The lawsuit stated that someone at the scene eventually called the police but DaBaby and his crew quickly fled without paying full amount of the bill. Pagar added DaBaby took his phone and a “valuable kitchenware.” Pagar also accused DaBaby of causing thousands of dollars in damages in addition to destroying a security camera that was installed inside of the home.

This is not the first time for DaBaby to get in legal trouble in the recent months. The rapper was arrested during a shopping spree on Rodeo Drive in Beverly Hills, California back in January after police found a gun in his car.

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