Damien Wayans Says Blackface/Whiteface Okay on Halloween, in Right Context

If you’ve got love for Marlon and Shawn Wayans going full whiteface, then feel free to do the same on Halloween … according to their nephew, who is hysterically tiptoeing around the subject of race and costumes.

We got Damien Dante Wayans outside L.A.’s Sunset Plaza and asked him about 2 specific costume ideas — “White Chicks” and “Black Panther.” DW told us he appreciates people paying homage to his uncles’ cult classic flick, but you gotta see his reaction when we brought up “Black Panther.” 

As our photog put it … the Marvel movie was huge this year, and lots of people — black, white and otherwise — are feeling inspired. Well, Damien seems to be giving Panther costumes a thumbs-up too … verrrry nervously, though.

Just watch. The takeaway — put whatever on your face today, but do it respectfully. 

And, don’t blame Damien when you catch s**t!

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