Damon Dash Asks for Protection Against Hair Stylist in Retaliation of Alleged Harassment

Hip-hop mogul Damon Dash is fighting back against allegations suggesting he has been harassing a children’s hairstylist, insisting he is the one who needs a protective order.

Patrice Miner obtained a restraining order against Dash in early November, claiming he had stormed into her hair salon in Los Angeles and verbally attacked her in front of customers.

She also accused him of threatening her life, but now Dash has filed his own legal papers seeking a court order banning Miner from contacting him.

According to documents obtained by The Blast, Jay-Z‘s former business partner explains he is a tenant of Miner’s, and has spent $50,000 (£39,000) on rent and other expenses.

However, he alleges Miner, who he describes as a “former acquaintance and business colleague”, has been pestering his family on a number of occasions, and made the false claims against him to reportedly try and “defraud” him.

He goes on to accuse Miner of substance abuse, which he argues has “impaired” her judgment, and is “causing her to act irrationally and violently.”

Dash reveals he is planning to take his legal action future and sue Miner for defamation, but wants the restraining order in place for protection against further harassment or in the event she tries to file a false police report against him.

He is also asking for the court order to protect his fiancee Raquel Horn, and his 10-year-old daughter Tallulah, from his marriage to fashion designer Rachel Roy.

A ruling has yet to be made on his request, but Miner will have the opportunity to make her restraining order against Dash permanent at a hearing later this month.

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