Dan Walker sets record straight about Piers Morgan: ‘A million miles away from each other’

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Fan-favourite BBC Breakfast presenter Dan Walker, 43, seems fed up of constantly being compared to his ITV rival Piers Morgan, who is currently on annual leave from Good Morning Britain. After being likened to him once again online, Dan put some serious milage between the two hosts.

We are, and will remain, a million miles away from each other

Dan Walker

Dan is in the process of writing his first book titled Remarkable People, where he details the inspiring stories of courage and selflessness of people he has met throughout his impressive career.

The publisher Headline Books, described it as an “uplifting tonic for the darkness and negativity of recent times”, in a recent post on Twitter.

While many fans were excited for the book to be released, one explained why they wouldn’t be buying it.

Replying to the post shared by the publisher, the viewer wrote: “I would have liked to purchase this book, but your interviewing techniques are unfortunately becoming more like Piers Morgan!!!

“Such a shame.”

It wasn’t long before the eagle-eyed BBC presenter clocked the negative comment and did his best to rectify it, with a little added sarcasm for good measure.

“We are, and will remain, a million miles away from each other,” he laughed, before wishing the fan a good night.

Over the years, Dan has gained a reputation for being a mild-mannered and friendly interviewer, whereas Piers has quite the opposite.

But the fan retorted: “Just don’t keep interrupting people while interviewing then,” before seconding his polite sentiments.

The father-of-three had previously shared a preview of the finished book cover last month, as he excitedly announced it was almost ready for release.

While many fans shared their glee, others had another thought on their minds.

“Is Piers Morgan in it?” one questioned, a sly joke aimed at their on-going rivalry and many online spats.

A second agreed: “I hope @piersmorgan is included!!”

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“You sent one to your best mate @piersmorgan,” a third teased.

Elsewhere, Dan found himself laughing off another attempt to ambush his interview style.

A viewer branded him a “wet wipe” for his discussion with Education Secretary Gavin Williamson on Wednesday morning, but Dan took it with a pinch of salt.

“I’m sure Dan Walker is a nice guy, but he’s too much of a wet wipe to be doing political interviews,” the viewer said.

“Gavin Williamson just got a free pass to waffle his bollocks off there. Bit of a waste when you’ve got Naga sat there locked and loaded, twiddling her thumbs.”

In a separate tweet, they continued: “They do seem to becoming increasingly selective about who they’ll talk to.

“Dan doing the interview may have even been a condition of appearance?”

The BBC host decided to laugh off the speculation, responding with a stream of laughing emojis.

BBC Breakfast airs weekdays at 6am on BBC One.

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