'Dance Moms' Star JoJo Siwa Says Abby Lee Miller's Condition Is 'Heartbreaking'

Dance Moms star Abby Lee Miller has been diagnosed with non-Hodgkin’s lymphoma after undergoing life-saving surgery on her neck. The diagnosis came just weeks after she was released from prison; she had been convicted of bankruptcy fraud. Miller will likely need chemotherapy or radiation, People reports, but the diagnosis is still preliminary for now.

Her Dance Moms costar, JoJo Siwa, told Access Hollywood that she visited Miller in the hospital, and said she’s still in the post-op phase, but is moving her arms and is in a good mental state. She even asked for a hand massage. “She was really in good spirits yesterday. She’s a tough girl,” she said. “It’s really heartbreaking. It’s really sad what’s going on. You don’t want anyone to go through that.”

Siwa said that she thinks the general public has the wrong impression of Miller, and she hopes people realize she’s going through a lot right now. “People look at her as the big lady who screams at kids on TV, but it’s not the case. She is a human and she’s nice and she’s loving, so it’s really hard to see her go through that,” she said. “She has a really good team by her side, and I’m happy to be one of them.”

She also told Entertainment Tonight that she saw Miller try to cry at the hospital, but is physically unable to express what she’s feeling. “It’s so hard to see her go through that and being sad, and just laying there and trying to cry, but physically not being able to,” she said. “She just kind of, like … she would start to cry … and then she would just stop.”

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