David Beador and Lesley Cook: Engaged?

David Beador may be in the midst of a messy divorce from Shannon Beador, but he’s also dating again.

He and his girlfriend, Lesley Cook, embarked upon a romantic vacation to Greece.

But the photos that Lesley shared have followers suspicious that the two of them are engaged.

“Somebody pinch me,” Lesley captioned this photo, snapped by David Beador.

The couple was on a plane that was still being boarded at LAX.

A romantic getaway to Greece is a great sign for their relationship, but fans think that there’s more to it.

Notice how Lesley appears to be conspicuously hiding the fingers of one of her hands?

Fans believe that she’s concealing an engagement ring … and that the image may even have been flipped to further obfuscate an engagement.

Once in Greece, Lesley’s pattern of never showing both hands at once continues.

We don’t mean to distract from their romantic adventures, either.

They saw a number of gorgeous sites, including the sacred ruins of the Parthenon.

“Beautiful night with my love!” Lesley gushed on social media. “This view is surreal!”

This image in particular really piqued people’s curiosity.

We hate to take attention away from the beautiful sights, but … look at how David’s hand is covering Lesley’s.

Fans believe that this image may have been reversed.

If so, David’s fingers are doing a mostly adequate job of covering up Lesley’s ring finger … but you can tell that there’s something there.

If they did get engaged, perhaps it was before this vacation.

Lesley may be trying to strike a balance between proudly wearing the ring in person and not revealing it over the internet.

Dating a public figure can present some very unusual challenges.

The two of them seemed to enjoy their time in Greece (we should hope so!).

They enjoyed a stunning view of the Parthenon at night while on a dinner date at Hotel Grande Bretagne.

A number of their photos were in Athens, but they didn’t spend all of their time in Greece in one place.

It looks like they tried to balance sightseeing with making time for their romance and relationship.

That’s what you want to aim for on a romantic vacation — whether or not it’s also to celebrate an engagement.

So, if these two are engaged, why cover it up?

They’ve been dating for nearly a year, right? So it’s not like they’re rushing things.

Maybe it has to do with David’s ongoing divorce negotiations.

(At the very least, it might be smart to not piss off Shannon while they’re still haggling over money)

Maybe they want to finish telling all of their friends and family before they announce it to the public.

Or maybe Lesley just hopes to avoid getting hate from some of Shannon’s more zealous fans.

To be honest, if they’re not engaged, we’d be at a loss to explain why Lesley’s hands can’t both appear in a recent photo.

If they’re engaged, congratulations are in order, we suppose.

Shannon is moving on, so it’s only fair that David does, too. We hope that the three Beador girls like Lesley.

David was kind of a jerk to Shannon, from cheating and body-shaming during their marriage to getting so aggressive during the divorce.

We hope that he’s found some chill, or Lesley might go through all of those same things that Shannon did.

If David doesn’t want to pay support to Shannon, one day, he may balk at paying it to Lesley.

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