David Beckham swaps usual fish ‘n’ chips for £1,500 fishing trip and barbecue

Most family fishing expeditions involve a quick trip to the chippie – not the Beckhams, whose angler get-up topped £1,500.

David, 43, and sons Brooklyn, 19, and Romeo, 15, wore only the best of gear during a day out in Oxfordshire near their £6million home.

Victoria, 44, Cruz, 13, and six-year-old Harper sat out the ­expedition, which did land a fine fish that was almost too big for their barbecue.

“Maybe should catch a smaller one this time,” joked the ex-England captain. “Or get a bigger green egg [barbecue].”

Becks has fished with Brooklyn for three years and was proud when he caught his first John Dory.

But Becks is also a fan of chip shops.

His favourite is in Chingford, Essex, where an order includes cod, scampi and saveloy.

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