David Eason: America Is Racist Against White People!

Folks, there are “hot takes,” and then there’s the absolutely bonkers nonsense that David Eason has been known to spew online.

Sure, expressing a controversial opinion on the internet is a good way to get attention and spark a heated argument, and as someone who’s been unemployed for over two years, Eason is probably pretty bored.

The problem is, we think he might actually believe the hateful BS he smears all over his Facebook page.

David is a racist, and a gun-toting right-wing radical, and as you may have heard, both of those groups have caused quite a bit of trouble over the past few months.

Well, over the past few centuries, really, but the Confederate incels have really been making their voices heard over the past year.

Anyway, others might be more violent, but you won’t find a budding domestic terrorist more ignorant than David Eason.

Whether he’s ranting about Michelle Obama or just making up some ridiculous nonsense with no basis in reality, David loves to display his stupidity on social media.

Earlier this week Eason was temporarily booted off of Instagram for making misleading claims about politicians’ responses to the Capitol riots.

(He falsely suggested that Kamala Harris and others have defended the use of violence in all situations in which citizens feel they’ve suffered an injustice.)

Several commenters offered to help educate David to ensure that he doesn’t continue spreading false information.

He particularly took offense at one commenters’ remarks.

“Educating you is one thing but experiencing as a black person is another,” this person wrote.

“So why don’t you educate yourself, take the time to do that on what you don’t know about my black people and what we have and continue to endure,” she continued.

“Also, if you read a book about a man named John Howard Griffin. There you go, I helped you out. Maybe that will open your nice eyes,” the comment concluded.

David was quick to respond — and you probably won’t be surprised to learn that he replied with more rage and bigotry.

“Maybe you should look into the fact that your history books and your dear ‘heroes’ from history lied to people just as much as years ago as they do know,” he wrote.

“Maybe you should educate yourself on how white people have been through more racism and discrimination in the history of humans than any other race and how they still do more for other countries and communities all over the world than anyone else,” Eason continued.

Yes, David just said that the greatest victims of racism in the history of the world are … white people.

Never mind the people who were brought to this country as slaves and continue to be persecuted a draconian justice system.

People who look like David are barely allowed to storm the Capitol Building with the intention of kidnapping a few senators!

Needless to say, Eason’s remarks did not go over well.

“Never. Ever. Ever. In my life I have ever read a more ignorant sentence. I don’t even have words to respond to that,” one person replied.

“Excuse me? What? I have no words, I just had to comment my extreme shock and horror,” another commented.

As usual, Jenelle Evans was silent on the matter, once again confirming suspicions that she fully endorses David’s bigotry, but won’t say so publicly for fear of damaging what’s left of her “career.”

What a family …

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