Dickey Betts Discusses Return To The Stage

Guitarist Dickey Betts recently returned to the stage after a four-and-a-half-year retirement.

The Allman Brothers Band co-founding member has created a new band called Dickey Betts Band, which played two shows in May.

In a recent interview, Betts admitted that his performance now is “a little rusty, a little unimaginative right now, but it won’t take long.” “I’ll work my way back out there. It’s sort of like Tiger Woods; You can’t just come back and start winning golf tournaments again,” he told Billboard.

“When I turned 70 years old I just figured I wanted to go fishing and play golf and mess around and stuff, so I decided I would retire,” Betts, now 74, said about his decision to retire in 2014.

The guitarist said he was overwhelmed by the turnout of fans at his shows. “I know it’s unfortunately because Gregg and the band have, you know, gone away. It’s just me and Jaimoe left, and I know that’s part of it, which is the sad part. But it’s reality, and the good part is I’m still here and I can still play and I know how to put a good band together and play the music,” he added.

by RTTNews Staff Writer

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