Did Peter Andre’s wife Emily just make another subtle dig at his ex Katie Price? – CelebsNow

Doting wife Emily Andre isn’t one for getting her claws out in public, so it’s all about reading between the lines when it comes to her opinion of Pete’s ex Katie Price.


And in the mum-of-two’s recent column for OK! Magazine she appears to have made a very subtle dig about the Pricey.

‘I haven’t had a drink since I got pregnant with Millie, except a couple of sips at our wedding, and I think you can have just as much fun without alcohol,’ she wrote.

Continuing she added: ‘Me and Pete always have a great time when we go out, and neither of us drink’.

The comments come just two month’s after 40-year-old Katie was arrested on suspicion of drink-driving.


Speaking previously about her relationship with drink, on-again/off-again beau Kris Boyson told the Sunday Mirror:

‘The reality was we drifted apart because I was stopping her drinking.

‘I was making sure the kids were put first, and that she came across well.’

Contuining he added:

‘She wasn’t out of control around the kids, but when she has a drink she goes all out.’

And it seems that Kris isn’t alone in expressing his concerns. Following his split from Katie in 2009 Peter Andre revealed that his ex-wife transformed for the worse once she started drinking.

He told The Sun at the time: ‘If she’s been drinking, I know she’s capable of anything.

‘The devil gets inside her and she’s a nightmare.

‘I’m not jealous of anybody until Katie’s drunk. There’s nobody I feel threatened by when she’s sober.’

The above is a far cry from the reality star’s stance at the end of 2016, when she publicly vowed to ditch the booze for a full 12 months.

Speaking on Loose Women at the time she said: ‘I am not going to drink for a whole year.’

‘It doesn’t agree with me. It’s taken me 38 years to realise.’

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