Did THIS Celebrity Big Brother star drop out over a ’furious row’?!

A new series of Celebrity Big Brother is upon us, which means a daily dose of drama, drama and more drama.

Our very favourite!

Whilst we may have only just made it past the launch night, the claws are *already* out – as it is currently being alleged that celebrity set to enter the house had dropped out last minute amidst a fiery row with TV bosses!


Stormy Daniels, the Porn Star caught up in all that Donald Trump drama, was expected to make her arrival to Britain’s most famous household last night.

However, the 39-year-old appeared to snub her CBB tenancy – and was a no-show on the night!

With fans left wondering exactly *where* Stormy was, it is being alleged that the lady is currently up, up and away – flying back home to America after a pre-launch bust up.

According to a report published by The Sun, Stormy had fallen out with CBB staff about the money involved with her appearance.

A source has told the publication: ‘Stormy landed in London and was taken to the Village hotel in Elstree where the celebs are put up.’

Continuing, the source added: ‘From the outset it was clear something was wrong and once she sat down with the producers all hell broke loose. They just didn’t get on’.


The source then added: ‘Stormy point blank refused to appear on the show on Friday night when she was scheduled to go in. They tried everything to persuade her to stay and no one could work out why she’d fly all the way from the US to London before deciding to drop out’.

Finally, the source adds: ‘To say it’s been a nightmare is an absolute understatement. Everyone is completely baffled’.

And whilst Stormy’s absence wasn’t explained during the launch, fans were very quick to notice she was missing from the proceedings…

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