Diddy Cancels Annual New Year’s Eve Party Due to Rising COVID-19 Cases

The ‘Mo Money Mo Problems’ spitter, who initially invited 500 people, is forced to cancel his famous annual bash for the second time as Omicron cases are rising.

AceShowbiz -Diddy (P. Diddy) is taking COVID-19 seriously. The “Mo Money Mo Problems” rapper is canceling his famous annual New Year’s Eve party as Omicron cases are skyrocketing across the states.

The 52-year-old hip-hop star had already created a 500 person guest list that included several of his rich and famous friends, per TMZ. The decision didn’t come easy but it wasn’t made last minute as he reportedly informed partygoers earlier this month.

Due to the pandemic, this is the second year in a row that Diddy had to cancel his famous New Year’s Eve bash. The “Last Train to Paris” artist had previously canceled the party last year prior to the widespread availability of vaccinations. The last time he had his NYE party was back in 2019. Numerous celebs attended the soiree at Story Nightclub in Miami, including Fat Joe, Winnie Harlow, Meek Mill, DaBaby and DJ Khaled.

Another rapper who took a similar decision was Bow Wow. In addition to canceling his plans, he urged his fans to not go forward with theirs. “I don’t think I’m traveling no soon… if I do it’s by tour bus only!” he wrote via Instagram on December 21. “Was [supposed] to go out of town for NYE, but I’ma make the exec decision and cancel that! I ain’t tryna get sick, and I can’t get my daughter sick either!”

As someone who’s been COVID-free since the beginning of the pandemic, Bow Wow added that he doesn’t “plan on catching it.” He added, “[COVID-19 is] back and it’s sweeping n***as too. Listen, wear your masks, protect yourself.”

Bow Wow went on to advise his fans to just stay at home. “Look, ain’t nothing outside anyway,” the 34-year-old rapper explained. “It’s the same s**t, same people when you go to the club every week. You’re not missing anything. Stay your a** at home, protect yourself, watch some Netflix… stay in the house.”

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