Don McLean, 73, Confirms Relationship with 24-Year-Old Model Paris Dylan

Don McLean’s last marriage lasted for about 29 years and ended with him getting arrested for domestic violence against then-wife Patrisha.

Now, the 73-year-old music legend has moved on with a 24-year-old girlfriend, Paris Dylan.

The couple has made their relationship official by gushing about it on Instagram.

Don McLean is a musician, best known for the album American Pie and particularly for the song of the same name.

Paris Dylan is a Catfish alum who has been featured in Playboy and Maxim.

They’ve made it very clear on social media that they are dating.

“A dream with my love,” Paris captioned one recent photo.

In another, she gushes, calling McLean the “love of my life.”

In October, she wished him: “happy birthday my baby, my beauty, love of my life, my everything.”

The pair of them have done a lot of traveling this year.

The singer and his model girlfriend visited Germany, France, the UK, and Israel.

While in France, Paris visited the city of the same name.

The couple, as you can see in the photo above, posed in front of the Eiffel Tower.

They also visited the Louvre.

It’s unclear when their relationship officially began.

As far back as November of 2016, Paris shared a photo of the two of them, but that’s not the same thing as dating.

It was really in March of 2018 when the two of them seemed to be joined at the hip — almost literally — and posting a steady stream of photos.

That is when the two were “linked,” but officially speaking, they were just pals.

Now that they’ve both been gushing about each other and sharing the same photos on social media, we can comfortably call them a couple.

Paris Dylan is a model who, as we mentioned, has posed for Playboy and Maxim.

As you can see in every photo in which she appears, she certainly has the qualifications — and we mean that sincerely — for that kind of modeling.

But she is really best known for appearing in a wildly elaborate episode of Catfish.

That particular episode, as you may recall, involved NBA star Chris “Birdman” Andersen.

Now she’s traveling the world with a music legend and, from what she rights on social media, both deeply in love and enjoying each country she visits.

The couple’s age gap spans nearly 50 years.

People can have a cynical view towards relationships that feature massive age gaps.

A lot of the time, there’s a pattern.

Often, there’s a very unbalanced power dynamic that favors the party who is older, wealthier, more famous, and male.

Some may view Paris Dylan as either a lucky groupie, someone being exploited in their search for stability, or even a predator taking advantage of an older man.

We would prefer to reserve judgment until there is any indication that this is something other than a relationship between two people born at very different times.

So far, there are no hints that anyone involved is in any way unhappy. Until that changes, let’s leave well enough alone.

Maybe we can even be happy for them. There’s little enough joy in the nightmarish hellscape of 2018.

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