Donald Trump Calls Melania ‘Melanie’ In Tweet & Edits It But Not Before Twitter Slams Him

Donald Trump caused a stir on the internet when he accidentally wrote ‘Melanie’ instead of ‘Melania’ in a tweet he posted that revealed the first lady is home after having surgery. See the hilarious reactions here!

Donald Trump, 71, took to Twitter on May 18 to give an update on Melania Trump‘s health after her kidney surgery earlier in the week but when he accidentally called her “Melanie”in his tweet followers immediately called him out on it in the form of their own funny response tweets and memes. “Great to have our incredible First Lady back home in the White House. Melanie is feeling and doing really well. Thank you for all of your prayers and best wishes!,” his tweet read. Although he quickly edited the post to fix the obvious mistake, it didn’t stop users from taking screenshots of the mistake and holding him totally responsible for the error!

“Who’s Melanie?”, one tweet read with a meme of a little girl shrugging her shoulders while another showed a laughing woman with the caption, “Dear God he is an idiot!!! Melanie…….” Other memes jokingly pointed out that Donald was referring to other women named Melanie such as actress Melanie Griffith. “Melanie?? Is that you??,” another tweet read with a pic of the actress. One other user posted a pic of the singer, Melanie, with the caption, “Hey y’all trump says Melanie is doing well. Always loved her songs. #IGotABrandNewPairOfRollerSkates.” One user also posted a meme of a woman making a funny face with the words, “MELANIE IS HIS MISTRESS.”

While the memes were pretty intense, Donald’s big mistake was likely due to auto-correct or a simple slip of the finger. Still, as with anything Donald does, it’s met with high criticism and strong reactions from his followers. The speculation that things between him and Melania are not the best also doesn’t help his case of misspelling his 48-year-old wife’s name.

We’ll just have to wait and see what Donald’s next controversial tweet will be!

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