Donald Trump didn’t wear a mask when he toured a mask factory in Arizona

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Donald Trump toured the Honeywell mask factory in Arizona yesterday. He toured a mask factory… and he didn’t wear a mask. He yelled at mask workers and opened up his gaping pie hole to make a shouty speech. Arizona is one of the states to ‘reopen” business early – their Republican governor wants everything opened up over the next week. You know what surprises me? The fact that Trump was too f–king vain to wear a mask in a mask factory. I get why he didn’t wear one – it goes along with his whole “ignore all of the deaths on my watch and let’s get the economy going” energy. But Trump is also a famous germophobe. You would think that his germophobia would take precedence.

Speaking of the new Trump talking points, it looks like the administration’s sad coronavirus task force is being phased out this month. Mike Pence was in charge of it, although you know Jared Kushner was really the idiotic “brains” behind it. So, yes, even though the pandemic is still raging and even though the death toll is over 70,000 just in America, Trump and his people think they can merely pretend that everything’s fine, the pandemic is winding down and let’s get everybody back to work. No need for a corona task force now! From Time Mag:

Getting things back to normal is President Donald Trump’s new game plan. After being warned off his daily dinnertime briefings, the President’s next move is getting out and about, even as the U.S. daily death toll has stayed stubbornly high and new projections based on states easing social distancing show total American deaths could surpass 130,000 by August.

Trump has told aides he wants to start traveling more as a way to encourage the country to open shuttered businesses and jumpstart the economy. On Tuesday, as he toured an N95 mask factory in Phoenix—without a mask of his own, he said he would wind down the White House coronavirus task force in the coming weeks and focus on “other phases.”

“We have now a different — it’s sort of a combination of safety and reopening,” Trump said, while sitting with leaders of Native American tribes in Arizona that have been hit hard by the epidemic and the economic shutdown. “The people of our country are warriors, and I’m looking at it. I’m not saying anything is perfect. And, yes, will some people be affected? Yes. Will some people be affected badly? Yes. But we have to get our country open, and we have to get it open soon,” Trump said.

Asked whether it is a good idea to disband the task force when experts say there may be a resurgence in the fall, Trump said, “There might be, and, you know, most doctors or some doctors say that it will happen, and it’ll be a flame and we’re going to put the flame out.”

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This is just pathetic really. I don’t have printable words for most of this but I did want to point out that “Trump has told aides he wants to start traveling more as a way to encourage the country to open shuttered businesses” just means that Trump has been practically inconsolable since he can’t tour the country, throwing Nazi rallies for himself. So just prepare yourselves – Trump is going to be doing Nazi rallies all over the country to make himself feel better after killing tens of thousands of people through willful incompetence and fraud.

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