Donald Trump Jr. & Kimberly Guilfoyle Totally ‘In Love’ — Are They Headed To The White House Next?

Kimberly Guilfoyle’s love for Donald Trump Jr. isn’t ‘fake news,’ as these two are absolutely ‘in love’ with each other. So, will they take this romance to the White House?

“They were totally comfortable being photographed,” a source told Page Six, after Kimberly Guilfoyle, 49, was profiled in Metropolitan Magazine’s August/September issue. As part of the piece, the former Fox News personality and Donald Trump Jr., 40, were photographed together. The shot, according to the insider, “looks like an Oval Office shot. It’s almost like you can imagine doing the same sort of thing in the Oval Office.”

Well, on one hand, they could just have the photos staged at the White House, since Don Jr. is the namesake of President Donald Trump, 72. He has the connections. He also has the affections for Ms. Guilfoyle and vice-versa. “You can just tell she’s in love with him, and he loves her, too,” the insider tells Page Six. “He and Kimberly have a great personal chemistry. They were joking around with each other the whole time.”

One way that Kimberly jokes with her boyfriend is with his pet name, as she reportedly calls him “Junior Mint.” While this could be a reference to his name and his bank account (or maybe she’s a fan of that episode of Seinfeld?) insiders tell the publication that the name has nothing to do with Larry David or money. “She said something like, ‘Don, you’re so sweet,’ and then sent a picture of Junior Mints,” an insider told Page Six. Technically, mint as a flavor isn’t that sweet, but the last time someone criticized Kimberly’s “taste” in things, they used a “racist” metaphor that told her to pick better men.

Judging by how much they “love” each other, Kimberly’s perfectly happy with her pick. These two also sparked rumors that they were getting hitched when she was seen with a huge diamond on her finger. That turned out to be a “cocktail ring” that was actually on her middle finger, a source EXCLUSIVELY shared with Considering that Donald’s fresh off his split from Vanessa Trump (with Omarosa Manigault claiming Aubrey O’Day was sending “dirty texts” to him while he was still married) these two might want to pump the breaks on getting married.

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