Donald Trump Tweets Doctored Photo With His Head On Rocky Balboa’s Body & Twitter Is Not Amused

Our president is channeling Rocky Balboa, apparently, in a new tweet that has Twitter talking!

Oh boy. In today’s edition of ‘Donald Trump on Twitter,’ the President of the United States tweeted a photo of himself with his head on none other than Rocky Balboa‘s chiseled body. Posted at 10:54 a.m. on Thanksgiving Eve, the picture shows the head of Trump on the beloved Sylvester Stallone character, looking buffer than ever — much unlike the president’s actual physique, which sits at 6-foot-3, 243-pounds. The tweet comes when the POTUS is currently spending time playing golf at his club while on Thanksgiving vacation at Mar-a-Lago, according to the White House pool reports. There’s no word on how Stallone feels about his immortalized character of Rocky becoming a presidential tweet as of yet, but we’d really love to see the pres try to do the stairs.

Twitter users were quick to react to the post, that had no caption. “This is just sad at this point,” one quickly responded, while another said, “Not at all normal. Not even close.” “Keep dreaming Donnie. This LEGITIMATE president didn’t have to photo shop his photos,” another wrote, sharing an iconic picture of former President Barack Obama in his swim trunks. “I signed in to this hell site for literally 10 seconds today and I see we are defacing Rocky Balboa art. Logging off!” one user complained, while another pointed out that it was today, in 1985, that Rocky Balboa knocked out Ivan Drago. Many pointed out that Trump’s Rocky pic was an “expectation” versus the reality, that is Trump’s bulging belly.

Ironically, many pointed out that while Rocky notoriously beat Soviet Union-born Ivan Drago, Trump has been a fierce ally of what is the former Soviet Union, Russia. “I’m not saying that Trump loves Russia more than the United States, but I think he would have cheered on Ivan Drago to beat Rocky Balboa,” a savvy user wrote. “The difference here is that Rocky was the Russian killer and Trump is in bed with his Mother Russia,” another pointed out. Just another day in the United States…

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