‘Don’t Be Tardy’: Kim Zolciak Suffers From Major Anxiety Before Performing Her New Song

During the season finale of ‘Don’t Be Tardy’, which airs on April 19, Kim Zolciak prepares to take the stage in Key West to perform her new song, but sadly, she’s suffering from a lot of anxiety!

Kim Zolciak, 40, may come across as a super confident woman on Instagram, but it appears as though she’ll be anything but during the April 19 season finale of Don’t Be Tardy. In a new sneak peek clip at this week’s episode, which Bravo EXCLUSIVELY gave to HollywoodLife, Kim can be seen battling a lot of nerves just moments before she’s supposed to take the stage in Key West to perform her new song, “Wig”. As Kim’s daughter Brielle Biermann points out while hyping up the crowd, it’s been nine years since Kim released her last song, “Tardy For The Party”, so we can totally understand why Kim suffers from anxiety ahead of the performance.

At the start of the clip, Brielle can be seen taking the stage and welcoming everyone to Key West’s annual pride event, while Kim laughs at how Brielle’s trying to steal her spotlight. “Brielle’s like my hype man — she loves the mic and she loves to be the center of attention,” Kim says during one of her confessionals. Then, Kim threw a jab at her daughter by saying, “At this point, why don’t you just go and sing the song. I don’t care.” But we have a feeling Kim was saying that out of nervousness, so she wouldn’t have to take the stage herself!

However, Key West invited Kim there for a reason, and they want her to sing her new song. So despite some hesitation, Kim finally takes the stage towards the end of the clip and prepares to sing her new song.

To see what happens, watch the season finale of Don’t Be Tardy on April 19 at 9pm on Bravo!

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