‘Don’t question it’ Helen George’s rare Twitter return to fume at Call The Midwife viewers

Strictly: Helen George performs her Paso Doble in 2015

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Helen George lashed out at those who’ve taken issue with her recent comments, saying she was happy to continue working on Call The Midwife just weeks before giving birth to her second child, daughter, Lark. In December, the 37-year-old admitted that she found it vital to carry on working despite her growing baby bump. 

I’ve seen too many ridiculous comments about my pregnancy whilst filming @CallTheMidwife1

Helen George

During a chat with The Mirror, the mum-of-two quipped that she couldn’t keep still while pregnant with Lark.

Even her boyfriend, and former Call The Midwife co-star, Jack Ashton, wasn’t happy about his significant other continuing to film scenes when she could have very well been resting at home. 

“I was quite adamant to carry on working through my pregnancy, which was absolutely fine,” she told the publication. 

She went on to say that there was too much prejudice in the TV and film industry concerning women who work while they’re pregnant. 

And though Helen isn’t all that active on social media, she made sure to let her opinion be heard as she hit back at people who weren’t necessarily agreeing with her views on working on-set with a bun in the oven. 

Filming episodes back-to-back on any TV series could be a lot for anyone, let alone for Helen, who worked until just weeks before Lark was due for delivery. 

The television star took to her Twitter page on Sunday to share a few words of her own on the matter.

“I’ve seen too many ridiculous comments about my pregnancy whilst filming @CallTheMidwife1 (also thank you for the lovely comments!),” she tweeted in view of her 80,000 followers.

“Women get pregnant, our bodies change. 

“But we have the right to work if we choose to do so.”

Helen concluded her message, saying: “How about just supporting it, and don’t question it?”

Fans wasted no time to react to Helen’s remark in her tweet’s comment section, with many going on to defend the actress for willingly choosing to continue working when she could have simply stayed at home. 

Twitter user @M_Addams2014 went as far as to draw comparisons to the many other celebrities who carried on working while pregnant, such as Courteney Cox, who was expecting 17-year-old Coco Arquette when her mum was filming the final season of Friends.

During season five of HBO’s Sex and the City, both Jessica Parker and Cynthia Nixon were also pregnant and didn’t appear to have had any issues working. 

“…and a million other actresses of child bearing age!” @M_Addams2014 wrote. 

“I do love it when a troll’s comments back fire!” (sic)

“The production is excellent and the stories marvellous. Trixie is a lovely character who you play well x.”

Another fan by the name @Gailee99 echoed similar words, saying she wasn’t even aware that Helen was pregnant in the show’s recent episodes.

She tweeted: “Hadn’t realised you were expecting as I focus on your face when you’re acting but it really doesn’t matter does it. 

“Or it shouldn’t. Now understand why you’re going away for a while. Good luck and keep calling out those trolls x.”

Helen is also mother to four-year-old Wren Ivy, who she shares with Jack.

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