Dove Cameron Drops New Single ‘Bad Idea,’ Reveals What Inspired the Song – Listen Now!

Dove Cameron just released her latest single “Bad Idea” on Friday (October 28)!

The 26-year-old singer and actress continues her string of new great pop tracks with her latest song, which follows her inner monologue.

Along with the song, Dove revealed what inspired “Bad Idea” and how she had to get into the studio right away.

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“I’m so happy to finally be releasing ‘Bad Idea,’” she said in a statement. “This song was inspired by a text I got that was so intense, and such a bad idea, that I had to go straight into the studio the next morning to write about it. ‘Bad Idea’ is the moment before diving into what could potentially be a severe crash-and-burn but deciding to take the risk anyway.”

The song follows Dove‘s inner monologue as she’s presented with the choice to do what she knows is best for her, or to fall back into old patterns with someone from her past.

Earlier this month, Dove received her first MTV EMA nomination, while earlier this year, she won Best New Artist at the MTV VMAs.

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