Duchess Meghan Reportedly Nicknamed ‘Tungsten’ By Prince Charles

Other members of the royal family also have nicknames, see below.

Meghan Markle has a nickname within the royal family: “Tungsten,” given to her by Prince Charles for reasons that will be revealed in this article. And as The Daily Mail reports, almost all members of the royal family have nicknames.

In the centuries-old British monarchy, stoic adherence to strict rules of etiquette rule the day. Even the Queen’s own husband, Prince Philip, walks behind her, owing to the tradition that one must never show one’s back to the monarch. But surprisingly, the royal family at least shares some similarities to your family and mine once the cameras are off. Just like many other families, the royal family members have nicknames for one another.

Meghan Markle: the newest member of the royal family got her nickname from her father-in-law, Prince Charles. He calls her “Tungsten” because like the metal, she is strong and unbending, says a royal insider.

Kate Middleton and Prince William: the Duchess of Cambridge and the Duke of Cambridge are a lot more subdued when it comes to nicknames. They’ve been overheard calling each other “Darling” and “Babe” in conversation, which is at once endearing but also disappointing since it’s not at all salacious. Of course, since William will undoubtedly be the king of England someday, and his wife will be his Queen, it’s perhaps best that they keep things low-key.

Queen Elizabeth: Speaking of queens, none other than the reigning sovereign has quite a few nicknames. Considering her advanced age, she’s had plenty of time to earn them. For example, if you watch Netflix’s The Crown, you know that she’s oft been called “Lillibet,” a diminutive of her name. Her daughter-in-law, Kate, calls her “Mama,” according to English magazine Heart, while her husband calls her “Sausage,” for reasons perhaps best not explored here. To Prince William, she’s known as “Gary,” owing to the fact that, as a little lad, he couldn’t pronounce “Grandma.”

“Apparently this came to light when William fell over as a child and started crying out for someone called ‘Gary.’ A member of staff asked who that was and the Queen replied: ‘I’m Gary, he hasn’t learned to say Granny yet.’”

Meanwhile, her great-grandson, Prince George, who will also someday be the king of England, calls her “Gan Gan,” due to having not quite figured out how to say “Grandma.”

Princes Harry and William have also used nicknames (more like code names) at various points in their lives, usually during their schooling and military years, in order to draw attention to themselves.

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