'Duck Dynasty' Star Kay Robertson Healing Nicely After Dog Bite

Kay Robertson‘s recovery’s going so well following her recent dog attack, she might be back to her old self sooner than expected … and without surgery.

The matriarch of the “Duck Dynasty” family tells TMZ … she is looking and feeling much better after suffering the gnarly bite to the mouth from her own pup, Bobo, a few weeks ago.

As we told you … Miss Kay’s dog split her top lip and took a big chunk out of her bottom one when she snuck up on him for a goodnight kiss, startling him.

Her injuries required stitches and antibiotics, and Kay initially told us it would take about 4 weeks to heal … and then she’d need plastic surgery for a full fix.

Kay tells us that’s likely not the case now — she’s healing nicely and may only require some lip filler to be good as new.

We’re told the only thing bothering her is having to eat differently because it’s still painful to chew, but she hasn’t let the injury slow her down. She went on a family vacation to the Alabama beaches shortly after she got bit.

As for Bobo … Kay says he’s been wonderful to everyone since the incident and isn’t showing any aggression at all, almost like he knows he hurt her and is trying to make up for it.

That’s a good boy, Bobo.

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