Elizabeth Hurley, 52, Puts Perkiest Cleavage Ever On Display & Defies Aging, Period — Pic

Elizabeth Hurley is ready for summer with her super hot bikini bod! The actress put her cleavage on display in a new snap & we’re using it for our bikini body inspo!

Age is just a number! Elizabeth Hurley, 52, who is literally age-defying, shared a sultry new snap on Instagram rocking a lace-up hot pink one-piece suit and has us all ready for the beach days of summer! The Royals actress revealed the picture was taken a year before during her Greece vacation and in it, she is wearing her own swimsuit collection, Elizabeth Hurley Beach. The plunging, cleavage-baring bright pink suit showed off Elizabeth’s best assets, from her toned legs to perky cleavage, and she teased that the suit, the Candace One Piece, would soon be available. This was picture was just one more to add to the collection of sexy pics she shares with her Insta followers!

Just a day ago, Elizabeth showed her nipples in a see-through orange caftan, while she lounged suggestively on a beach bed, while vacationing in Tagomago Island, off the coast of Ibiza. In this snap, she also advertised her Elizabeth Hurley Beach collection, revealing she was wearing the Sunshine Kaftan. While we absolutely love Elizabeth’s body confidence and get totally inspired by her figure, others have been bashing her for the influx of racy pics, many of which, she admits, are taken by her 16-year-old son. On a recent pic from her son, Damian‘s birthday party, a commenter wrote, “I’d be running around looking for eye bleach if my mum was dressed like this,” referring to her plunging dress from the event. Others called her “tacky,” and “pathetic,” but many also supported the single mom, clapping back at the haters on her behalf. “She’s always dressed this way she’s not seeking attention she’s comfortable in her body and her beauty good yours x 1000000,” one wrote in support of Elizabeth.

Elizabeth’s body positivity is inspiring and more women, no matter their age, should embrace their curves just as she does! Plus, her Elizabeth Hurley Beach collection is so cute!

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