Elon Musk Is Now A SoundCloud Rapper, Raps About Harambe The Gorilla

Considering his escapades of late, nobody should be surprised that Elon Musk, father of 6, has decided to become a SoundCloud rapper. However, his choice of subject for his rap debut is quite eye-opening. I would have maybe expected Elon to wax/rap poetic about sexy space robots or smoking blunts on Mars, but rapping about Harambe the gorilla from like three years ago, sippin’ on Bombay in heaven? Actually, considering his escapades of late, this actually doesn’t surprise me all that much either. Much like Ja’mie before him, Elon is like, so random you guys, isn’t it hilarious?

Like any bored teenager with an overly generous grandmother, Elon’s got more money than sense, and probably has an entire studio full of expensive mixing equipment at his disposal. And we can all collectively curse whoever it was that taught Elon how to roll a blunt for this mess. According to Rolling Stone, Elon released the 2-minute track called RIP Harambe on Saturday under the fictitious label Emo G Records. Get it. Emo G? EMOJI??!! I told you guys, he’s like so, so random!

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