Em and Liz Subscription Box: Giving The Gift Of MOM-ments For Mother’s Day

BFFs Effie Sakellis & Riki Meris-Koulouroudis took their entrepreneurial spirits and excitement toward motherhood to create the adorable Em and Liz subscription box, which happens to be the perfect gift for new mom’s everywhere!

It’s never too early to introduce creativity and imagination into a child’s life, and an Em and Lix box subscription does just that. Founded by Brooklynites Effie Sakellis and Riki Meris-Koulouroudis, Em and Liz offers a monthly subscription box filled with possibilities and fun for young girls, starting at $25 a month. The women offer two different box options — one for ages 3-6, and one for ages 7-10 — each stuffed with hand-selected, age-appropriate crafts, jewelry, beauty products and more! The adorable boxes follow a theme each month, Effie explained to HollywoodLife.com in an exclusive interview. “We decided to launch our first box in September, with a back to school theme, and it was just to spark excitement about going back to school and have some fresh new gear and accessories to bring along with you to school. It was filled with a new journal for school, a set of pens and markers, and patch to accessorize your backpack, we had some fun erasers in there and some very cute stickers!” she said. “Since our first box, we’ve actually gotten more creative, and our most recent release in May was springtime in Paris. So we’re trying to have more fun with it as we grow” Riki added.

The women, who are best friends, were inspired their own daughters, Emanuella and Elizabeth, and their passion for shopping when the idea of the Em and Liz box came to them. “We recognized that that process of looking for fun and creative, unique items for our daughters could be really time-consuming and it was somewhat difficult to find brands that you love. So, we decided to create a subscription service that would, like our tagline says, deliver the magic of girlhood to a little girl month after month,” Effie said. Not only does the box give young girls the excitement of opening their own mail month after month, but it also is a gift to parents who are able to enjoy the activities with their kids. “We had a blogger who we collaborated with and she said that the box was such a fantastic experience for her to do with her daughter. She was four or five and it was the first time she ever received nail polish. It was her own bottle from the Em and Liz box, she was super excited about it,” Effie explained. “They ultimately did a mommy and me manicure together, and she said that experience was so overwhelming and fantastic. It’s very much a gift for the mother as well, to see your daughter experiencing these really magical moments of being a girl.”

Not to worry if you’re looking for a gift for a mother to boys this Mother’s Day — Effie and Riki are releasing their first-ever Zoom Kid Box in June, and it’s…pirate themed! “It’s along the lines of Em and Liz, except with boys, we’re going to be celebrating the spirit of adventure, and giving them opportunities to be creative and wild and excited about being a boy,” Riki said. So fun! Plus, each box, boys and girls, include two pieces of stationary for kids to write hand-written notes to say “Thank You” for the box or just say hi to their grandparents! You can visit this link to subscribe to the Em and Liz subscription box, and to give the gift of magic and MOM-ments for Mother’s Day with this amazing experience, month after month!

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