Emirates Plane Quarantined After Multiple Passengers Report Getting Ill During A Flight!

UPDATE 2:59 P.M. EST: According to NBCNewYork, “at least 19 people have been confirmed sick after a plane landed at John F. Kennedy Airport Wednesday morning with dozens on the packed international flight reporting feeling ill.”


Federal health officials met an Emirates plane landing in New York Wednesday after multiple passengers reported feeling extremely ill.

According to reports, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention said as many as 100 of the plane’s over 500 passengers reported feeling sick during Flight 203, which originated in Dubai.

One of the passengers, Erin Sykes, told CNN from the plane that it was “so obvious that a large number of people were ill well before takeoff,” but she couldn’t protect herself from getting sick, as the plane had no masks available.

Sykes explained that because the nonstop flight was smooth, she didn’t think the sickness was due to turbulence or air travel. She added:

“People were coughing the whole time. Now some people have fevers over 100. They should never had been allowed to board.”

By the time the plane landed at John F. Kennedy International Airport, a Port Authority source said about 10 passengers had “taken ill.”

Emirates released a statement in response to the outbreak, writing that passengers “were immediately checked by local health authorities and those needing medical attention will be attended to.”

The CDC noted in a statement that passengers “complained of illness including cough and some with fever,” adding that health officials and local authorities were taking their temperatures and transporting those who were sick to a hospital. The agency added:

“Passengers who are not ill will be allowed to continue with their travel plans, and if necessary will be followed up with by health officials.”

Not exactly the luxurious flight Emirates promises in its commercials.

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