Eric Church Shares ‘Heart Like A Wheel’

Eric Church has shared a new track, “Heart Like A Wheel,” the third song on Desperate Man, and the second full song Church has released from the project.

“Don’t make sense to the neighbors / Don’t look good on paper / And sure don’t make sense in my head,” Church sings. “Ain’t no map / Ain’t no way / No lights on this long highway / But I know the way by heart / Bring on the dark / Honey, don’t worry,” Church sings. “Baby, I’ve got a heart like a wheel / Baby, let’s go / Get in this heart like a wheel, and, baby, let’s roll.”

Desperate Man was produced by Jay Joyce. The record is due out on October 5. The album will also feature the songs “Some of It” and “Hangin’ Around.”

by RTTNews Staff Writer

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