Everything We Know About Venus Williams's Boyfriend, Nicky Hammond

As Serena and Venus Williams gear up for the ultimate sister act on the court at the U.S. Open on Friday, we’ve wondered who will be supporting the respective tennis champs in the stands.

Serena’s Reddit co-founder husband, Alexis Ohanian, is a given, but who will be cheering Venus on? Well, it’s likely that the athlete’s boyfriend, Nicky Hammond, will be on the scene.

Now, who exactly is this Hammond fellow? Scroll down below to find out.

He’s an Heir to the Annenberg Fortune

Nicky’s socialite mom, Dana, is the granddaughter of one of Triangle Publications owner Walter Annenberg’s seven sisters. Though that may seem a complicated web of family money, the Annenberg fortune is pretty expansive. When Walter died in 2002, he had an estimated net worth of $4 billion — so plenty for all his relatives, no matter how distant.

His Mom was Sued for a Pretty Terrible Reason

Said heiress, Dana Hammond, isn’t exactly breaking the mold when it comes to society’s expectations for the dependently wealthy. She made headlines in 2010 when a prospective employee sued her for requesting she take an HIV test and explicitly telling her she would not get the job if she didn’t.

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He Put a Ring on It (Sort of)

Days ago, it was reported that Venus received a friendship ring from her beau. When approached regarding the ring, the ultra-private Hammond told Page Six, “We have a firm commitment to one another to keep our relationship private.”

Camera-shy as the couple is, they were spotted holding hands on an N.Y.C. stroll on Easter Sunday. 

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He’s 12 Years Younger Than Venus

Nicky is reportedly 26, while Venus is 38. This isn’t the first time the tennis pro has dated a younger man: when she was first linked to model Elio Pis is 2012, he was 24 and she 32.

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He Was Venus’s Date to Serena’s Wedding

Hammond snagged the invite of the year when he accompanied Williams to her sister’s star-studded New Orleans wedding ceremony in late 2017.

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