Evita singer Elaine Paige, 70, takes up ballet to get over cancer trauma

Elaine Paige has just taken up ballet to keep trim – at the age of 70.

The West End star said: “I have just taken up ballet again and it’s great for me to do a few plies. I go to the Silver Swans – The English national ballet have this charity and it’s for ladies over 55 and I think one of us is well into our 80s and we might look peculiar but it keeps you limbered up and mobile.”

Elaine will be seen by viewers tomorrow on-screen in Evita: The Making of a Superstar on BBC2.

It celebrates 40 years since Elaine was cast in the role of Eva Peron in Evita in 1978 by Andrew Lloyd Webber.

West End star Elaine also spoke of how she still fears her breast cancer could return, saying: “The fear of it never really leaves you.”

She discovered a cancerous lump in her breast in 1995 when appearing in Sunset Boulevard. She had five years of medical treatment including radiotherapy.

She said: “Once you have had breast cancer the fear of it never really leaves you and every year I am checked over and I make sure that I check my breasts.

"But I have been healthy now since that episode and that’s over 20 years ago and of course since then I am mindful of what I eat and try not to indulge myself in all the things that are meant to be bad for your but equally you have got to enjoy life.”

Elaine Paige is currently supporting The Children’s Trust Extraordinary Music Box Appeal, which promotes music therapy for children who’ve suffered a traumatic brain injury.

“It’s a very humbling experience and I have been involved with the Trust for nearly 40 years.

"It was my first ever charity that I got involved with after Evita.”

Visit www.thechildrenstrust.org.uk for information.

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