Ex-Judge Says Kim Kardashian West is Very Powerful in Trump's White House

Kim Kardashian West seems to have a powerful pull over President Trump‘s administration, and she’s using it for good … according to an ex-judge very connected to her cause.

We spoke to former Tennessee judge Kevin Sharp Wednesday in D.C. after his White House meeting with Kim, Jared Kushner, Ivanka Trump and, eventually, the President — and he says the haters are way off base if they think Kim’s only there as window dressing.

Sharp says they had further discussions about criminal justice reform, and not only was Kim was smart and very involved … she’s the right person to seal the deal. 

Judge Sharp says Kim’s success with Alice Johnson proves she’s incredibly effective in a process that would normally take months, if not years … because she clearly has 45’s ear.

By the way, Kim’s latest mission — to get clemency for Chris Young — is a special one for Sharp. He’s the judge who resigned after Tennessee laws forced him to give Young a life sentence for drug possession. 

It’s clear, he’s now happy to be championing reform, and even happier to have Kim on his team.

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