Fabolous Stunned After Being Pulled Over by Police During Harmless Live Interview With Jim Jones

A police officer approaches the 44-year-old New York rapper and explains that someone called them and said ‘there was no plates’ on the emcee’s Rolls Royce.

AceShowbizFabolous‘ recent live interview with Jim Jones unexpectedly got interrupted. When the “Into You” spitter was speaking to the “We Set The Trends” rapper from his car, a police officer suddenly pulled him over, much to his surprise.

In the interview, Fabolous and Jones were discussing whether the former has something up his sleeve. “Once the weather start breaking, it feel like it’s a little bit of the Fab time. So, I’m definitely working on some music right now and trying to get, like, ready for summer,” Fab shared, before an officer suddenly approached him and asked, “What’s up man?”

Shocked by the cop’s presence, the 44-year-old exlaimed, “Oh, wow.” The police later explained that someone called and said “there was no plates” on the emcee’s car. After the officer asked why he was sitting in his car in that area, the New York native clarified, “I was just pulled over to do this interview on the phone.”

Jones then chimed in, asking if that was really a police officer. In response, Fabolous said, “Yeah, police pulled up on me.” The “Summer Wit’ Miami” spitter then told his pal not to worry because he wanted to “get you outta harm’s way.”

Fabolous later left the chat, but Jones wasn’t finished processing the exchange. “That’s kinda wild, um, he was sitting in a Rolls Royce. How is police hating on that man?” he wondered. “This is crazy.”

“Firsthand, we get to see what it feels like to be Black and rich in America. It doesn’t matter if you rich or if you poor, it matter the color,” Jones went on arguing. “I’m not starting anything, but y’all saw it for yourself.”

Fabolous has yet to address the alleged racial profiling.

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