FaceTime Bug Has Been Letting iPhone Users Spy On Each Other!

Need to surveil your contacts without them knowing? Well, you apparently missed your chance.

A FaceTime bug temporarily granted nosy iPhone users the ability to listen to other users’ conversations and even see them through their screen without them being any the wiser.

Apple apparently identified a fix for the bug earlier this week and has disabled the feature that enabled it to work. So, we feel no guilt in explaining exactly how users were able to become amateur Russian spies for a hot second there.

Here’s how it worked, according to 9to5Mac: first, you make a FaceTime video call to someone in your contacts. While it’s dialing, swipe up on your screen and hit “Add Person.” Then, add your own phone number, which will allow you to listen to the audio on the contact’s phone, whether or not they’ve picked up.

Annnnd, voila! You’re basically Jennifer Lawrence in Red Sparrow, and you didn’t even have to go through spy school or an unrealistic hair color transformation.

If the target hits the volume or power button to ignore the call, it would instead broadcast video of their phone to the person calling them — making spy efforts super easy.

Probably not something to brag about in the new commercial…

Thankfully, the window for SpyTime beta-testing has already closed. Apple told The New York Times on Monday that it had “identified a fix that will be released in a software update later this week,” and turned off the Group FaceTime feature in the meantime.

Who would U SpyTime on if you could?

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