Farrah Abraham Says Chrissy Teigen Has NOT Reached Out To Apologize To Her Yet!

Chrissy Teigen recently claimed she was “in the process” of privately reaching out to the people she’s insulted in the past — but Farrah Abraham is apparently still waiting for her apology!

The Teen Mom alum penned a note on Medium Tuesday, revealing that the supermodel had not reached out to personally apologize to her after the Cravings author admitted to being a “troll” for her history of bullying other celebs on social media.

As we reported, Teigen slut shamed Abraham in 2013, tweeting at the time:

“farrah abraham now thinks she is pregnant from her sex tape. in other news you’re a w**** and everyone hates you whoops not other news sorry.”

It was just one of many examples of Teigen’s past insults that have recently resurfaced. The star also got heat for encouraging non-binary model Courtney Stodden to kill themself via DM and poking fun at Lindsay Lohan’s struggle with self-harm.

After John Legend’s wife lost fans and business deals over the scandal, she penned an apologetic essay on Medium, in which she claimed she was making amends with those she bullied.

Well, as of Tuesday, Farrah had yet to receive her apology — which makes the MTV star think that Chrissy hasn’t truly learned her lesson! She wrote:

“As you’re asking yourself ‘Did Chrissy ever apologize to Farrah,’ hypocritically as such at this time no she has not. As a reminder Chrissy ended her light hearted post, so similarly as her past remarks with taking care of her family and herself. So I understand the time it will take to really be beyond her past behavior.”

The Iowa native went on to say that the Lip Sync Battle host also owes an apology to her 12-year-old daughter Sophia, explaining:

“An apology maybe due to me only in Chrissy’s eyes but as a mother there’s also an apology due to my child who has to witness the aftermath of remarks publicly that not only affects her mom but her. This mentally affects children and their time with their mothers. Those who hurt mother’s are also responsible for hurting their children.”

Interesting point!

The 30-year-old then recalled how she felt after first reading Teigen’s insult, writing:

“At that time I was very much staying strong for my daughter and dealing with public sex shaming, by those who took advantage of my vulnerability in the same both men and woman. Like a lot of teen mothers with a lot of undeserved criticism, judgement, being taken advantage of and so much else many older moms will never understand, those who do not have children and men.”

According to Abraham, Teigen used her past “whiplash” behavior “to get clout, notoriety, build a following to get famous, be with possibly the person she wanted to be with, the friend group she wanted to fit in with, get the fashion, style angle of public persona rather than only being discovered through her music video, and act nice to friends she made in real life who believed in being above essential celebrities, gossiping complete immature lies and hate publicly that their friends supported loudly on social media and privately.”

She noted that Chrissy’s “prey of vulnerable young famous women who are true survivors and warrior women today have shared if they had or not heard an apology about her actions from long ago whenever she realized it was wrong then or now,” adding:

“It’s a rarity in current public victim culture that the wrongly labeled would not exercise their full constitutional rights to have their voices heard… rather than silent and someone in turn speak for them.”

The Celebrity Big Brother star previously addressed Teigen’s scandal earlier this month, admitting to Fox News that she didn’t realize how widespread the Bring The Funny host’s abuse was. She shared:

“When I initially saw Chrissy Teigen make these comments I could tell she was a desperate music video groupie and model,’ Abraham said. ‘I just thought it was only with me and I ignored her because I don’t behave like that. Now I see it’s tons and tons of people. It really bothers me right now.”

For her part, Chrissy said she’s “apologized publicly to one person” and “in the process of privately reaching out to the people I insulted.” Hopefully Farrah (and Sophia?) get their apologies soon!

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