Farrah Abraham’s Cannes Wardobe Malfunction: Does This Video Prove It Was STAGED? — Watch

Was the most talked about wardrobe malfunction at Cannes not a malfunction at all? New video suggests Farrah Abraham totally staged her crotch shot on the red carpet! Watch here and decide for yourself!

What’s even real anymore?? Farrah Abraham, 26, as we all now know, flashed the entire audience, and a cameraman, at a fashion show during the Cannes Film Festival. Her (very pretty) gown had a dangerously high thigh slit that flew open at one point, and, as everyone soon found out, she was going commando underneath. A guest of wind and violá, her entire crotch was on display. But did she actually carry out that “wardrobe malfunction” on purpose?

Raw footage from the fashion show, obtained by The Blast, shows Farrah sitting in the front row, but she wasn’t paying attention to the models coming down the runway. Instead, she was having a conversation with a cameraman off camera, filming the show. She kept smiling and slightly adjusting her skirt, and pointing at her dress. It looks as if she asks the cameraman “do you want to see?” When models exit the runway, she stands up and walks toward the camera, sticking her leg out Angelina Jolie-style to show off the beautiful gown. She sits back down, then quickly gets up again, this time walking toward the camera with her skirt pulled apart. Yep, that’s her vagina! Nobody is actually paying attention besides two women who were standing next to her, who are now laughing hysterically. WATCH THE NSFW VIDEO HERE!

So, it seems like there’s now going to be two camps: wardrobe malfunction sympathizers, and Farrah Abraham flash truthers. Let’s add this to our list of celebrity conspiracy theories. Of course, there’s always a chance that Farrah was just trying to show off the thigh slit and pulled her dress apart too far. Or did she…

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