Your Favorite Bachelorette Reject Is Now the Best Part of Bachelor in Paradise

Subject: Joe Amabile

Age: 31

Occupation: Involved in a Grocery Store

It’s #AlmostParadise, meaning you’re about to engage in another summer romance with the most beloved rejects from Bachelor seasons past, including — most importantly — an early fan favorite and, IMHO, Becca Kufrin’s one who got away, Joe Amabile. You’ll remember Joe as the charming, 31-year-old grocer from Chicago with a thick accent that won’t let you forget it. 

While we only got one episode with Joe on Becca’s season, he was never forgotten (even though his opening night line to Becca was, “I’m Joe, and I forgot everything I was going to say to you”). He had a sense of humor about the whole night, posting a Seinfeld clip of Kramer after he’s been dumped on Instagram and making America love him even more. Joe’s been in our hearts and on our merch, but not on our TV screens. Tonight that changes. But before we see Joe develop Paradise‘s signature extra tan, let’s take a look at everything we learned about him since that fateful date with Becca.

Joe, as you must know, is universally known as Grocery Store Joe. At 31, he’s a business owner, running his own grocery store in Chicago, according to ABC, though other sources call him a produce buyer. Either way, he knows a lot about watermelons, as evidenced by this Instagram photo he posted of himself picking out watermelons in a watermelon warehouse and the watermelon swim trunks he wore to see Becca for the first time since his elimination.

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Look who I found @bkoof ? and watermelon swim trunks ?

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But this was actually a career 180 for Joe, who was “one of the youngest traders on the Chicago stock exchange,” according to ABC. Hard to believe because he’s so … chill? But he left his finance days behind with his 20s to join his family’s local business. And honestly, what a power career move.

Unlike some of his Bach Nation counterparts, Joe doesn’t have a very long history with social media. It was only two weeks after he was eliminated from The Bachelorette that Joe started his Instagram account, posting a simple, familial shot of him with his equally cute brother (p.s. the whole family is attractive). The next day, he posted breakfast, a.k.a deep-fried tacos. And within a mere 24 hours, Joe basically became an overnight Instagram influencer. (That said, Joe, don’t think we didn’t see the video of you littering a candy wrapper!)

But the most intriguing thing about Joe right now? His latest relationship. And I’m not talking about romance (though, SPOILER: he reportedly finds a bae in Paradise and — ah! — it might be Kendall). Anyway, what we’re talking about is pure bromance. Somehow, Joe, the most beloved Becca Kufrin cast off, and Zoolander wannabe Jordan Kimball, arguably one of the most hated, have become BFFs. They went to Lollapalooza together, they wore blue together, and they even watched the Bachelorette finale together, just two buds hanging on a well-lit couch in front of a cityscape!

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Bachelorette finale who better to watch with than @jordan__kimball

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Joe’s also been palling around with Colton and Jason from Becca’s season. And otherwise, just sitting around shirtless on his local Chicago stoop. We’ll see him in Paradise tonight! 

Bachelor in Paradise premieres tonight at 8 p.m. ET on ABC.

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