Find Out Why Lena Dunham Was ‘Obsessed’ in Losing Virginity

In an interview with radio show SiriusXM, the ‘Girls’ creator reveals that she was a late bloomer.

Lena Dunham was “obsessed” with losing her virginity, because she was so embarrassed to still be a virgin at the age of 19.

The “Girls” creator sat down for a chat on SiriusXM Radio Andy show, Lunch with Bruce, on Tuesday, June 26 and revealed how she was appalled by her virgin status as she began university and so her mission to get it over and done with dominated her life.

“I was almost 20,” Lena told host Bruce Bozzi. “I was a late bloomer… I went through my whole freshman year and half my sophomore year and I barely kissed anybody.

“I did it halfway through my first year at Oberlin (College). And I was like, obsessed with getting it done. I acted like being a virgin was like having the plague. If anyone found out, I was like, appalled.”

Lena recalled how her and a fellow virgin would sit together in their dressing gowns and wonder why it wasn’t happening for them, but when it finally did happen, the 32-year-old realised it wasn’t all it was cracked up to be.

“I remember then when it finally happened… it was so, uninteresting, bordering on terrible,” she confessed. “Literally, as it was happening, he was a very nice guy (but) I was like, ‘This was what I allowed the last two years of my life to be about?'”

The actress was so worried about her virginity that she even wrote in to a sex advice column in Time Out New York magazine in 2005, when she was 19, asking for advice on the “proper etiquette” when it comes to telling potential partners about her situation.

“I don’t need to be in love when I finally have sex… but I do want a comfortable and respectful situation, so I feel the guys should know I’m a virgin,” she wrote into the column, which she shared on social media in 2013. “But if I tell, I risk seeming like a huge dork and having him stop the whole thing in its track. What do you think is the proper etiquette? I’d like to get rid of the v-card before I turn 20. ”

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