Finneas Drops ‘Where The Poison Is’ In Honor Of Trump’s Defeat

Finneas, the brother and frequent collaborator of Billie Eilish, released his latest song “Where The Poison Is” in honor of President Donald Trump’s defeat in the latest presidential election.

Finneas dropped the new song on Saturday, November 7, just hours after news broke that Joe Biden had projected as the 46th president of the U.S.

“You’re fired,” Finneas tweeted in announcing the song, quoting Trump’s “The Apprentice” catchphrase.

“When all my friends get sick it’s on the president/When all my friends get sick it’s on his government,” Finneas sings in the chorus. “Take me to the place where the poison is/To put a face to what’s poisonous/To give him a little taste of his medicine/There’s a snake that thinks it’s the president.”

Eilish also joined in the celebration of Trump’s defeat on Saturday by sharing a video of herself excitedly screaming and thanking everyone who voted for Biden. “This is unbelievable, I am so happy,” she said on Instagram.

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