Florida Fisherman Chased By Giant Alligator In Terrifying Encounter Caught On Video

A Florida fisherman is lucky to be alive today … ’cause the guy was nearly attacked by a giant alligator during an outing in the Everglades last weekend — and the terrifying scene was all caught on video!!

The drama unfolded on Saturday — when 22-year-old Tommy Lee was hunting for some tarpon on a large body of water’s shoreline.

You can see in the footage … the dude was minding his own business casting his reel — when suddenly, a big-ass gator head emerged from the water!!!

Lee knew right away he needed to be alert — his GoPro camera captured him saying, “You got to be careful here” — and that’s when the scariness began.

The gator climbed out of the water and took off after the guy … and when it got within feet of Lee, he accidentally fell backward!!

Fortunately, the 11-foot-long animal stopped charging … and, after an intense standoff, it eventually retreated.

Lee was clearly excited to leave the area without gator teeth in his body … saying on camera, “And I am outta here. Screw that!”

Smart move, man. Smart move!

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